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ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

asp.net interview questions and answers for freshersAs ASP.NET is becoming more and more relevant to our computer culture, a lot of freshers are looking to find jobs working with it. This means competition is fierce, and those who are looking for jobs in the field may want to look at some ASP.NET interview questions and answers for freshers.

Q: What is the relationship between ASP and ASP.NET?

A: ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It helps create dynamic web pages, which means that the user can interact with the page to change it. ASP.NET does all this but uses the .NET framework, which means ASP pages can be created in the more popular .NET languages.

This question is important because it shows that you understand the basic elements of ASP.NET.

Q: When is it more advantageous to allow server-side operations in the client-server relationship?

A: Server-side operations are for the best when the client doesn’t have all the information required, or when you just want to ease the load off the client’s computer.

This question is important because it shows you understand how to solve this problem.

Q: What is a cookie?

A: A cookie is a small file that identifies a user’s computer.

Just a fact you should know.

Q: How long do cookies usually last?

A: 30 minutes.

Just a fact you should know.

Q: How do you write comments in ASP.NET?

A: If you’re using C#, use // for single line comments. If you’re using VB, use ‘.

You need to understand the language if you’re going to use it!

Q: When a web page element is invalid, how does the web browser respond?

A: It depends on the browser that’s being used. Some show the invalid elements, while others ignore them.

This question shows you understand that different browsers can have different reactions to a web page.

Q: Distinguish between these two methods of object transportation: serialization and deserialization.

A: Serialization is the act of turning objects into byte streams, while deserialization is the exact opposite: the act of turning byte streams into objects.

This question shows you understand the relationship between objects and byte streams.

Q: When is it a good idea to cache items? Is there such a thing as too much caching?

A: Good cache items are used frequently and don’t change too often. You have to be careful about caching too many things, because this can lead to excess use of a computer’s systems.

This question shows that you have discretion.

Q: What is the relationship between cached items and key-based dependencies?

A: A key-based dependency makes one cached item reliant on another one. So, when the independent cached item changes, the dependent cached item becomes invalid.

It’s important to know when an item might be invalidated.

Q: What is authentication?

A: It’s the act of authenticating someone’s identity/authority by making them provide some sort of information, such as the classic username/password combination.

This question gives you the opportunity to show you can explain technical concepts in a simple fashion.

These are the core ASP.NET interview questions and answers for freshers. If you’re a fresher, and you’ve answered these ASP.NET and Java interview questions for freshers, you’re sure to have a leg up on the competition.

Why? Because you prepared. And preparation is what separates the professional from the dilettante.





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