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Sample Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Interview Questions and AnswersEvery interview is unique. The questions you’ll get depend both on industry standards and the interviewer’s personality. For the former, check out the industry-specific articles we’ve prepared. For the latter, we can only recommend looking at a large sample of interview questions and answers.


All that said, there are some commonalities. So we hope you enjoy these sample job interview questions and answers.


Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself.


A: I’m hardworking and ambitious. I derive personal satisfaction from a job well done, and I’m willing to listen to the advice that can help me do a good job.


Some interviewers open this way because they want to see what the candidate thinks about themselves in a freeform but job-specific sort of way.


Q: Do you feel your college experience has prepared you for this job?


A: Yes, at college I did an internship, wrote many papers, and engaged in the local community. That prepared me for the job.


The interviewer wants to see how your life has led you to applying for this job.


Q: Would you consider yourself a lucky person?

A: Yes, I’ve been very lucky. I was able to go to a good school, and I’ve ended up with some incredible friends. Of course, I had to position myself to be able to accept such luck.


The interviewer wants to see that you have an optimistic attitude, but also that you’ve worked hard to get to the point where you can accept fortune’s blessings.


Q: What is it about our company that makes you want to work with us?

A: All the research I’ve done on you guys has shown that we would be a good fit.


The interviewer wants to see what you know about the company and make sure you’re a good fit.


Q: How do you respond when you’re faced with a situation you don’t know the answer to?

A: I do my best to get the answer. If I can’t, I go with my gut instinct and take responsibility for the situation.
The employer needs to make sure you do well with ambiguity.


Q: How quickly would you say you complete your work?


A: I try and work at a regular tempo, while making sure to get assignments done before the deadline.


Despite what you might think, quicker isn’t always better. Obviously you shouldn’t say you work too slowly, but you also don’t want to seem prone to burnout.


Q: How many hours do you work?


A: As many as it takes to get the job done.


This one is similar to the previous question, but it’s worth mentioning because you really want to try and avoid giving a specific number of hours. The appropriate number depends on the office’s culture.


Q: What’s your greatest weakness?

A: I sometimes get frustrated when things aren’t perfect. Recently I’ve been working on this, reminding myself that I can’t expect perfection and that I need to change my attitude.


Your interviewer wants you to be honest about your weaknesses, while doing your best to fix them.


Q: Where do you hope to be in five years?


A: I’d like to have greater responsibility, matched by a greater knowledge of the industry.


For this question, the interviewer just wants to know that you’re hardworking and ambitious.


Q: How do you motivate yourself?

A: Luckily, I chose a career path I enjoy. That, and a nice strong cup of coffee, get me through the good days and the bad.


Once again, the employer wants to make sure you’re not a burnout.


We hope you enjoyed this sample interview question and answer article. If you read and enjoyed our sample interview questions and answers for freshers pdf (or, if you’re reading this one the web site, non-pdf), you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Why? Because you prepared. And preparation is what separates the professional from the dilettante.





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